Meet Nadine Merheb of Elby

tell us about your products.

A Middle Eastern and Mediterranean tradition, baklava is a pastry that is delightfully flaky and full of nuts. Each region makes it a little differently, some with cinnamon or honey. Lebanese baklava is distinguished by the use of flower waters. Rose or orange blossom water is added to a simple syrup called katr (pronounced "utter") and complements the nuts. Elby offers baklava in three flavors: Walnut, Pistachio, and Cashew.

what does your business name mean?

In arabic, “elby” means “my heart,” and that’s exactly where these baked goods are from. I grew up in a home where anyone and everyone was welcome for dinner, and life’s most important moments happened while I was eating a grilled cheese pita sandwich with watermelon.

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