Meet Cece Cymone of Designs by Cece Symone

tell us about your products. where they are made. who makes them. favorite product features.

Designs by Cece Symone is a contemporary fashion line that specializes in women's clothing. Our company is based out of Chicago but our clothing is manufactured in L.A. We specialize in unique fashion pieces whether you are looking for effortless causalwear, chic officewear attire, sexy flirty dresses, alluring lingerie, hot nightclub clothing, or perfect vacation wear; we got you covered.

tell us about your connection to Chicago. your neighborhood.

Chicago has always been a magical place to me, from the seasonal decorations, museums, theater productions, sporting events, and of course the amazing food. Chicago has the best food hands down! "No ketchup, Please!" LOL I love the city throughout my childhood I dreamed of the day when I would make my BIG mark on the city. I was no sure how I just knew I would.

what do you love about your business, your industry.

Designs by Cece Symone was created to empower females globally to be confident in themselves. It is our mission to promote self love and body positivity for every woman to express her femininity. We love that our company inspires so many women to do just that.

tell us about your design inspiration - space, smells, colors, textures.

We are a bold, straight forward fashion brand inspired by real life and the everyday woman.

what advice do you have for other creative entrepreneurs?

Be ready to do what you love and live what you do. The majority of traditional 9-to-5’ers happily turn off the job when they punch out for the day. You won’t be able to put your passion down, but most days, that’s a good thing. Sometimes, … the sale will happen just before you go to bed. … the perfect opportunity will land in your inbox just as you’re about to leave for a family vacation. … when it feels as though you’ve reached the end of your rope, a customer will email you a grateful love letter out of the blue.

share a favorite quote, a mantra.

Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals! Keep producing, creating, providing, making, performing – ESPECIALLY when it feels as if no one’s watching.

surprise us with your secret talent, fact, etc.

Many people don't know I play the violin left handed.

what is the best advice you've ever been given and how has it shaped you and your business?

Be responsible for your own success and learn from your mistakes. Don’t wait for a marketplace to get you views and sales, go out and find your own customers! Build your own success! No one else on this Earth is to credit for your wins or to blame for your inaction. Mistakes will happen and they are your most valuable research. Collect them, but don’t repeat them.

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