Meet Samantha Raftery, Amante Marketplace

Amante, latin for "one who loves", is a curated shop built on purpose and passion. We seek to bring our customers goods that tell a unique story and have intentional meaning. Our vast product line consists of home goods for the conscious modern consumer such as Turkish towels/blankets, vintage repurposed pillows, air plants, and hand-poured soy candles.

What do you love about your business and industry?

I love that our business is built in way that honors the craftsmanship of the individuals that are making our goods whether locally or globally. I believe the shift to buy intentionally and thoughtfully continues to grow in popularity and I'm thrilled to be part of that trend in our industry!

Tell us what inspires you.

Woman entrepreneurs who continue to reach toward their passion and purpose! As a mom of four, it can be difficult to balance a new business and LIFE. One of the many things that keep me pushing forward, are the woman who are walking in what they are created to be artistically and creatively.

What advice do you have for other creatives and entrepreneurs?

My best advice is to believe in YOU. Believe that you have been gifts to offer our world whether big or small. Surround yourself with other people that will encourage you, believe in you, and inspire you!

What is something surprising about you (secret talent, unexpected fact, fear, etc)?

You might find me interpretive dancing with my other four sisters after a glass of wine or two!

What is the most common question you get about you and your business?

Do you have a brick-in-mortar? This question is usually one of the first things new customers ask. While I would love to have space to put my roots down, my season of life is not quite ready for a permanent location. Definitely in the future!

Tell us about your process for making and creating.

I source local and global products with purpose while curating a product line that speak to the modern consumer. I pay close attention to aesthetic, craftsmanship, quality, and the story around each product we carry. Since our presence is mainly at pop-up events/markets, we look for opportunities that our demographic will match with who we are as a business.

Name three local makers and brands that you are inspired by and why.

Scratch Goods - I met these ladies at the DOSE market last year and love their mission and story! Prophet Gypsy Robot - a woman creative who makes amazing tapestry pieces while being a mama of two littles! Re:new Project - a local business who provides training and employment to refugge woman - they make beautiful handbags and accessories!

What is the best advice you've ever been given and how has it shaped your business?

It is not only about the financial gain, it's about the lives that have been touched and impacted by our process and who we are at Amante - our hope is that when anyone walks into our space, they feel valued, seen, and loved!


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Jessica Cohen