Meet Germaine, Majamas Earth

Tell us about your business. 

Majamas Earth is a clothing company obsessed with creating beautiful fashion that doesn't harm our beautiful planet.

What do you love about your business and industry?

I love combining fashion and function. Creating beautiful clothing that lasts is one of my main objectives.

Tell us what inspires you. 

Nature! It inspires me with it's colors and textures. It keeps me focused on ensuring whatever I create doesn't harm it either.

What advice do you have for other creatives and entrepreneurs?

Pursue your passions! Just be sure your business is one that is good for the planet and the people living on it. That way we'll all thrive and prosper.

What is something surprising about you (secret talent, unexpected fact, fear, etc)? 

I'm a decent singer and a fierce athlete.

What is the most common question you get about you and your business?

Where did the name come from?

Tell us about your process for making and creating. 

First, I look at what is missing from our collections. I love to design unique "classics" that will be worn for years to come using fabrics that don't harm our environment. Good for the planet is even better for us.

Name three local makers and brands that you are inspired by and why.

Simply Smita, an organic body care company that uses natural shea butters and smart, environmental packaging Lagunitas Brewing, a fantastic beer company that makes a lot of their beer in Chicago. Love their brewery and restaurant Metric Coffee, a neighbor of ours that roasts it's own coffee and sells it wholesale and direct out of their funky shop on Fulton.

What is the best advice you've ever been given and how has it shaped your business?

Document and date everything. This is the only way to know when new patterns, changes to old ones or specs were made. It's imperative for customer service too so everyone knows how to help a client. My first contractor gave me this advice and I insist we all live by it.

What is Majamas Earth best known for?

I designed the first tank top to get women out of their uncomfortable bras and now we design the most comfortable bras to get women out of those awful ones.

Isn't it fun being a fashion designer?

Sometimes. It's not all runway shows and champagne. It can be brutal like every other business but some days I actually get to design and that's the fun part.

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Jessica Cohen