Meet Julie from Shamirah

Tell us about your business. 

We sell women’s fashion- clothes and accessories at affordable prices.

What do you love about your business and industry?

I’ve always loved fashion. Dressing up, dressing up my dolls then my nieces and nephews, ( never liking to repeat an outfit 😉), and now finally my daughter... I feel fashion or clothes and jewelry specifically has always been inherently a part of me. I remember gazing and being absolutely enamoured with a specific dress or piece of jewelry even at a very young age, and because of this I love to be in a position now where I can pick out the merchandise we sell, see people fall in love with it, buy it and wear it around town. There’s is no greater feeling of accomplishment for me.

Tell us what inspires you. 

Growing up, I was always inspired by all of the fashion magazines- from Vogue to Cosmopolitan to Marie Claire. I would be at a 9-5 corporate job but couldn’t wait to be on break to read the latest issues. I remember looking at each page, never skipping one, reading the articles and drooling over the fashion. I was inspired by the editors the most, the ones who helped put the magazine together. I got a lot of my weekly fashion sense from those magazines 😉. Now, on a day to day basis my 3 year old daughter inspires me. Yes, without a doubt, she has inspired me to chase my dreams, be strong, and not give up. She’s been my biggest teacher in life - thank god she has a good sense for fashion too. 😉

What advice do you have for other creatives and entrepreneurs?

I think we all question ourselves daily, we want to give up more often than we would like but I believe if you know you are doing what is truly your passion... then you have to keep pushing forward. Always, remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint.


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