Meet Sarah and Nydia from The Worthy Company

Tell us about your business. 

We wanted hardworking super foods including, veggies, fruits, legumes and chia for protein and fiber, in one portable container we could eat on-the-go. We created our delicious flavors inspired by our favorite treats – like cherry pie and brownies. We called our creations Worthy Super Blendies – Ready to Eat Superfood Bowls. Each is a truly well rounded mini meal - One and Yum! We launched The Worthy Company in 2016 and started selling Worthy Super Blendies in our local stores. They took off and now our Superfood Bowls are available nationwide and on and To reinforce our belief that We Are All Worthy, we started Worthy Projects to do our part to help others feel their Worthiest.

What do you love about your business and industry?

We love meeting other entrepreneurs and people in the food industry. There are so many inspiring people and companies doing what they the love and making innovative food right now.

Tell us what inspires you. 

Every time we do a Worthy Project we are inspired by the people we meet. There are some truly amazing, talented kids in this world and we are so lucky to get to meet and spend time with some of them. We hope that in our small way we have helped them better understand that We Are All Worthy.

What advice do you have for other creatives and entrepreneurs?

Our company and brand has it's foundation in the strong partnership that we have. The best thing anyone looking to create something new or start a company can do is work with a person or people who can help build a strong, trusting working relationship that extends to every new person coming onboard.

What is something surprising about you (secret talent, unexpected fact, fear, etc)? 

We met through our mutual best friend.

What is the most common question you get about you and your business?

How did you come up with this?

Tell us about your process for making and creating. 

Everything starts in the kitchen. We work on the recipes for each of our Super Blendies in our kitchens and then we take them to our team and they help us bring them to market.

Name three local makers and brands that you are inspired by and why.

We are new to Chicago and meeting inspiring brands constantly. It's hard to name only three. We love Departure Snacks - they make the best tasting almond snacks we've ever had and they are run by really wonderful people. Viet Nom Nom has developed a super delicious peanut sauce that we want to drizzle on everything. They are truly achieving excellence. Lastly, we cannot say enough about The Hatchery. To us they are the best local maker, brand, entrepreneur university and think tank we have ever come across. They are truly innovating in the food scene and helping startups like us every day.

What is the best advice you've ever been given and how has it shaped your business?

Follow your instincts. We try to do this as much as possible and it has helped us shape a business where we are true to ourselves and the brand. We try never to lose sight of that.


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Jessica Cohen