Meet Katherine Jeffrey from Cause Gear

Tell us about your products.

Our MADE BY FREE WOMEN line is entirely handcrafted by women in India who have been victims of human trafficking, slavery, or extreme poverty. With over 70% of slavery being women, the need for jobs that support freedom for women has never been greater. The MADE BY FREE WOMEN brand empowers women in the world’s most impoverished places through its 5x jobs model. Women are set free! We love our day totes, boyfriend shirt bags, and leather wrap journals. Our t-shirts are super soft...if I can quote my Kenyan friend, "I feel naked when I wear this." What makes each product great is that each one is made with a heart full of gratitude for a life of hope and dignity!

Tell us about your connection to Chicago.

We are in the process of moving into the heart of the city. We have been on the outskirts but we want to be a part of the city. We have hopes of doing all of our screen printing locally through a partnership with a social enterprise who is helping those in the city who are under resourced.

What do you love about your business, your industry.

We love being able to connect the fortunate few with the marginalized many through high quality handcrafted gear and accessories. We get to work directly with our crafters. We get to hear their stories of life transformation. Every product we sell means that hope grows on the other side of the world.

Tell us about your design inspiration.

We are inspired by the smell of the ocean and the sky that goes with it. We love the grit of the earth and the colors that spring up from it. We love the grind of the city and the restoration of the industrial era.

What advice do you have for other creative entrepreneurs?

Don't give up! Put your whole heart in and you will receive exceedingly more back.

Share a favorite quote, a mantra, bud'laska. 

"Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all." -Helen Keller

Surprise us with your secret talent, fact, etc. 

I'm double jointed in my elbows.

What's the most common question you get about your business?

Are there really over 40 million slaves in the world today?? YES. Sadly so.

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