Meet Katie O'Reilly of Katie O's Food Carnival

tell us about your products. where they are made. who makes them. favorite product features.

Amazon best selling cookbook, homemade clean ingredients vegan and vegetarian soups, homemade holiday treats

tell us about your connection to Chicago. your neighborhood.

Born and raised in Chicago. Member of The Hatchery Chicago and getting ready to move into a kitchen in their new space.

what do you love about your business, your industry.

Creating amazing food

tell us about your design inspiration - space, smells, colors, textures.

I've been inspired to create with food from my earliest memories. I love to connect with pure and natural delicious ingredients

what advice do you have for other creative entrepreneurs?

Follow your dreams

share a favorite quote, a mantra.

Just do it!

surprise us with your secret talent, fact, etc.

I have a weekly cooking show. I love to teach others how to create confidently in the kitchen

what's the most common question you get about your business?

“Where can I get your food?”

tell us about your process for making + creating.

Starts with fresh everything

name 3 local makers/brands that inspire you and why.

Frontera Grill, Sparrow Coffee and the zen of slow cooking

what is the best advice you've ever been given and how has it shaped you and your business?

Don't let anyone steal your dreams

Connect with Katie O’s Food Carnival

@Ktofoodcarnival on Facebook and Instagram

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